Experience the confidence
 of knowing your books
are in order.

Experience the confidence
of knowing your books
are in order


learn from a 'numbers person' who is also a maker just like you 

you are a creative ...
a maker, an artisan,
not an accountant 

Your books are a mess. 
Worse yet, you don't even really have 'books'.
In fact, "what actually is 'bookkeeping' anyway (& why do I need it ?)"

You don't have any idea if your business is even making money.

Before you know it, it will be tax time and yet again you are unprepared!

Don't let bookkeeping suck all your time and energy. 
Get peace of mind, see a clear picture of your business finances,
and ultimately make more money.  

Right brain / left brain ... learn how to work with both!

You just need someone with experience and expertise to talk to and watch over your shoulder.

Wouldn't it feel great to know you're doing it right?
I can help you with that!

Professional ... though casual,
knowledgeable & speaks your language,
with a wide range of experience in all the financial
necessities of running a small business. 

Able to answer the questions
you didn't even know you had!

Making the numbers make sense to your creative brain
so you can make intellegent & profitable decisions for your artisan business.

And get your taxes filed correctly 
and on time !

I need that

I'm the connection
(even if you're the bookkeeper) 

I''m so happy you found me here

woman - mom
bookkeeper - tax preparer
maker - artist
e-commerce store owner
virtual - tech savvy
positive outlook

stuffy old accountant
doesn't know what a 'craft' is
in a hurry - lacking respect
hard to get ahold of
doesn't ask questions
doesn't answer questions
always negative

I am

I am NOT

Hi, I'm Jeanne

You may know me from juNxtaposition

Guess what ?

I see you ...

I get you ...

because I AM you !

Interesting ... tell me more