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Who I am

(who's also a maker)

I have the skills to empower YOU to feel confident doing these things yourself ...
                           with just a little help

Turns out, I am someone just like you, & bonus - I'm all about the numbers.

"dont trust your business to advice in a random FB group"

side note :
how do I KNOW all these numbers ? 
surprise ... surprise ... 


moi ~ by the numbers

Who I am 

  1. I am not an old man sitting in a dusty office who doesnt understand a handmade business.
  2. I am not someone who will talk 'down' to you (we all had to start somewhere).
  3. I am not someone who will speak to you in language you don't understand. (debits/credits)
  4. I am not someone who will count on you to know the questions ... ( I will have the answers to the things you didn't even know you wanted -or needed- to know.) 


"Where did the money come from, where did the money go?"

My story - the personal side

Ah, my story ... it's too long and I have oh so many, but here are some tidbits:

I come from a 'big' family ... most who don't quite 'get' what it is I do in my maker business ... lol.
(sound familiar ?)

I started my own bookkeeping/tax prep business, when the idea of a 'home-based business' became a thing. It was my main gig for a lot of years to support my family (single mom). I learned how to do tax retuns so I could make enough money during tax season to take summers off to be with my kids.

That said, I've always had some sort of side hustle to entertain my creative side & add some fun to my world.

I've owned:
An antique shop (Your Grandmother's Kitchen) which started due to pulling an antique hoosier cabinet out of my grandmother's basement ... I was intrugued, wanted it,  but my dad said... " why the hell do you want that ? it used to be in our kitchen?", (hence the name) I took it anyway ... & so began my love of antiques.

I currently live in my studio. I make jewelry and home accessories for juNxtaposition ... yes, I 'know' how to use my 'empty nest' status to my tax advantage. It's a 150 yr old small (very SMALL - 750 sqft) farmhouse, in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, PA.

    *side note - I purchased the 'house' at an auction, where I literally went to buy the 'couch' ... ended up with the house ... another crazy story !! (ask me about it sometime)

I sold rusty garden iron, which was all the rage a few years back ... had to get my tetnus shot updated every year !

I moved on to painted folk art - crows, sheep, old churchs and school houses, (which I loved and may end back at in my retirement) & learned everything about 'craft shows'.

I've had partners in all of that, but when my sons grew up and no longer wanted to 'lift' things ... or help load/unload the trailer or set up at shows, I moved on to jewelry (juNxtaposition) which I could (and still do) all by myself.

I started by selling off the tailgate of my truck, then moved on to more 'crafty' shows, and finally realized my niche was vintage events ... Country Living Magazine Fairs became my bread and butter. (I did them for 11 years across the country before they became extinct)

All of that to say,
 I've been there, I've seen that ...
and I KNOW of the life you are leading.

At this point, what's missing for you, is the 'numbers' part ... let me reassure you, it's (one of) my superpowers ...  let me help you get a grip on an important part of running/ owning a
handmade art/craft maker business.

Let's join forces and see just what we can accomplish together !

Count me in

side note: the original hoosier I pulled from my gram's is currently my shipping station !

How we can work together

You need a little help ...
yadda yadda yadda.

I'm all about 
'women helping women',
let me be your 
badass bookkeeping bestie.

You have questions,
I have answers.